1. Student Filmmaker Support . 
    This program is designed to take filmmakers who wish to create educational and cultural documentaries addressing issues in society today. We will assist in securing funding, providing support, and volunteers to this effort. The program is open to all cultural, arts, and film students typically under financial hardship without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, or national origin.
  2. Community Stories.
    This program allows creators of any age to create animations, shorts, documentaries, written work, or short TV series that will support the community it covers. This program seeks projects that will address economic, social, and educational disparities among people in American Communities
  3. Go Latin.
    This program is designed to provide awareness to the unique challenges in the Latin American community via shorts, documentaries, and series. 
  4. Animate!
    This program will provide resources and tools to socially and economically disadvantaged animators that want to entertain and enlighten. We will provide tools, help fund projects, and distribution for engaging and relevant short animated features and series.